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P.S. (Soy) Phosphatidyl Serine 50% 1kg/bag

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  • Product Code: SPPS50P1
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1. Starting Material:Soy bean.
2. Processing Method:Synthetic.
3. Test Method:HPLC.


Phosphatidylserine (PS), also called serine phosphatide, phosphatidylserine, which is extracted from the oil sludge of natural soybean. Phosphatidylserine is the active material of cell membrane, especially exist in brain cells. Its main function is to improve the function of nerve cells, adjust the conduction of nerve pulse, improve brain memory functions.

The phosphateesters of phosphate ester compounds, is one of the components of cell membranes, especially in the Nervous System of body, it is one of the most important ingredient of the brain cell membrane. Meanwhile, it plays an most important role in the adjusting of different functions of brain. For example, it can influent the liquidity, permeability of bell membranes, and, it also can activate the metabolism and synthetic of many kinds of enzymes.

Other Name(s): PS, 3-Sn-Phosphatidyl-L-serine, BC-PS, Bros, Memorix, Neo-Bros, Senefor, Sicotrat;
CAS No.:
Molecular Formula:
Molecular Weight:336
Appearance: White or light yellow loose powder
Botanical Source: Soybean
Package type: 1kg/bag

1. To improve older people's brain function, improve cognitive ability
2. Natural sebum control alcohol level athletes to improve the training results
3. To extend the hours of children's attention, improve concentration and academic performance, improving the state of jelly
4. Easy to overcome the tensions resulting from mental stress

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